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Friday, August 23, 2013


Kathmandu, 23 Aug.: Two persons were killed and 17 others injured Friday
when a truck with passengers overturned at Jarsing Pauwa in the
city outskirt in the east.
Sukra Bahadur Banjam and Mothe Muktan (died, according to police.
The truch was plying between Sankhu and Lapsifedi.
Kathmandu, 23 Aug,: Locals belonging to distant areas of the district have been hit hard owing to acute shortage of daily consumptive food stuffs, RSS reports from Accham..
The landslide-triggered disruption of local road has caused the short supply of daily essential goods .
The Timilsain- Rama Roshan, Mangalsen-Baligaun and Chaukhute-Siudi road sections have been obstructed for the past couple of months.
Locals of Mujabagae, Darna, Khalgada, Jupu and Chaurpati villages are facing tough time with acute shortage of daily consuming food items. The road sections have been badly damaged, even tractor cannot ply on the road, said Lok Bahadur Rawal, Chairman of the Mugabazaar Management Committee.
About 50,000 people in the localities are said to have deprived of getting cooking oil and salt for the past two weeks.
Though it was frequently reported to the concerned authority, no action has been taken till this date, complained locals.
Kathmandu, 23 Aug.:  Police have arrested a fugitive who has been in its most wanted list for the murder of two school boys that took place three years ago. The accused is also facing charges of series of other killings in the district, The Rising Nepal reports from Banke..
Police arrested Zia-ul Manihar alias Wakil Darji, who had been involved armed underground activities, collecting forceful ransom, murder and forceful donation drive in the district.
District Police Office, made the arrested Manihar public organizing a press conference today. Manihar is a permanent resident of Indrapur-3, Banke.

Police took it nearly a month to confirm that Manihar was the one placed in the most wanted list of police crime profile as he was concealing his real identify using different names and addresses, said Superintendent of Police Bhupal Singh Bhandari. Initially, he had provided that he was an Indian citizen from Rupadiya.

Later police investigation proved that Manihar was none other than the murderer of a school boy Kapil Duwedi, 15. Dewedi and his school friend Liladhar Bhatta had been abducted and killed by the Manihar and his accomplices even after taking ransom of Rs.1 million.

 Similarly, Manihar and his group had their hand in alleged murder of Ganga Ram Pasi alias Munna Yadav at Indrapur-7 that took place four years ago, said Bhandari. Cases against Manihar would be filed under Abduction and Hostage charge-2033 BS and Drugs and Narcotic charge.

Police had claimed that Manihar was involved in collecting forceful donation of Rs.5 million from Mahendra Shahi of Nepalgunj-1 after taking him to India last year. Shahi was later safely released from the clutches of Manihar group with the help of Indian police.

Eight other accomplices of Manihar are presently passing a combined jail term of 78 years following the Banke court's final verdict. Manihar has, however, been remaining at large since the murder of the two school boys. Those who are currently passing jail sentence include Meraj Ahamad Seikh, Ibrahim Maniyar, Kailash Gadariya, Rajitram Kurmi, Ramsovit Barma, Insaf Ali Seikh, Rajjab Ali Sai, and Najir Kha.

The court had announced life imprisonment against Meraj Ahamad Seikh. Regarding the school boys' murder case, police had filed cases against 16 people including those all arrested. Six other accused are still at large. Police had, however, given clean chit to C.P Singh, central committee member of Madhesi Janadhikar Forum, Democratic on the case.



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